The Basenji is a hunting dog breed that is also referred to as the “barkless dog” because it produces more of a yodel-like sound called a “barroo” instead of a bark. It was bred from Central African stock and a number of other dogs look quite similar to the Basenji all over Africa. The United Kennel Club places the Basenji in the Sighthound and Pariah Group, meaning it is a recognized purebred used for chasing large game. If you want a Basenji, then your best bet is to head for the nearest Basenji breeders in your area.

Since the dog breed is not very common, you can expect that there won’t be as many Basenji breeders around compared to, say, those who breed Dachshunds or Dalmatians. However, there should surely be some close to you so don’t fret. You can most easily find nearby breeders by going online. However, you can also head to your local shelter for information on dog breeders because the two are usually part of the same network. You can also check with a vet regarding information on dog breeders because most of the time they know someone in the business. You can also check with directory services just to cover your bases.

Once you have a number of Basenji breeders to consider, it’s time to narrow down your options. You can start off by talking to the breeders you are interested in. Check to see if they have the necessary licenses in place and if they are affiliated with kennels. The manner by which they interact with you is also a good sign of how your transaction will be like in the future. Apart from being accommodating, look for someone who can actually answer your questions because this tells you how knowledgeable they are about being breeders. If there was anyone who knows how to take care of a Basenji, that would, of course, be a Basenji breeder.

While Basenji breeders are a common option for getting your hands on a Basenji, do take note that you also have other choices available to you. And depending on where you might be coming from, you might want to consider putting breeders only as your second option to rescue centers. While rescue centers cannot guarantee purebreds, they appeal to your heart and urge you to bring home a Basenji with you. Breeders should know as well where rescue centers for Basenjis are so you can also ask them for information.